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Created May 26, 2021 21:39
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public interface ICatalogService
Task<Product> GetProductBySku(string sku);
Task<Product> GetProductForSaleBySku(string sku);
Task<List<Product>> GetProducts();
Task UpdateProductInfo();
public interface ISalesService
Task IncreasePrice(string sku, decimal price);
Task DecreasePrice(string sku, decimal price);
public interface IPurchasingService
Task IncreaseCost(string sku, decimal cost);
Task DecreaseCost(string sku, decimal cost);
public interface IWarehouseService
Task ShipProduct(string sku, Guid salesOrderId);
Task ReceiveProduct(string sku, Guid purchaseOrderId);
Task AdjustInventory(string sku, int quantity);
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