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dcomartin/PlaceOrder.cs Secret

Created Jan 27, 2021
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public class PlaceOrderHandler : IHandleMessages<PlaceOrder>
private readonly SalesDbContext _dbContext;
private readonly IWarehouseInventory _warehouseInventory;
public PlaceOrderHandler(SalesDbContext dbContext, IWarehouseInventory warehouseInventory)
_dbContext = dbContext;
_warehouseInventory = warehouseInventory;
public async Task Handle(PlaceOrder message, IMessageHandlerContext context)
if (_warehouseInventory.DoAllProductsHaveQtyOnHand(message.OrderId) == false)
await _dbContext.Orders.AddAsync(new Order
OrderId = message.OrderId,
Status = OrderStatus.Pending
await _dbContext.SaveChangesAsync();
var orderPlaced = new OrderPlaced
OrderId = message.OrderId
await context.Publish(orderPlaced);
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