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Created November 16, 2022 23:31
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public async Task TransferBasketAsync(Username anonymousId, Username userName)
var anonymousBasketSpec = new BasketWithItemsSpecification(anonymousId);
var anonymousBasket = await _basketRepository.GetBySpecAsync(anonymousBasketSpec);
if (anonymousBasket == null) return;
var userBasketSpec = new BasketWithItemsSpecification(userName);
var userBasket = await _basketRepository.GetBySpecAsync(userBasketSpec);
if (userBasket == null)
userBasket = new Basket(userName);
await _basketRepository.AddAsync(userBasket);
foreach (var item in anonymousBasket.Items)
userBasket.AddItem(item.CatalogItemId, item.UnitPrice, item.Quantity);
await _basketRepository.UpdateAsync(userBasket);
await _basketRepository.DeleteAsync(anonymousBasket);
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