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Created July 28, 2017 01:28
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using System;
using System.Xml;
using Cake.Core;
using Cake.Core.Annotations;
using Cake.Core.Diagnostics;
namespace Cake.AppSettingReplacer
public static class Replacer
public static void ReplaceAppSetting(this ICakeContext context, string filename, string key, string newValue)
var xml = new XmlDocument();
var node = xml.SelectSingleNode($"/configuration/appSettings/add[@key='{key}']");
if (node == null)
throw new InvalidOperationException($"ApplicationSetting Key ({key}) does not exist.");
var valueAttribute = node.Attributes["value"];
if (valueAttribute == null)
valueAttribute = xml.CreateAttribute("value");
valueAttribute.Value = newValue;
context.Log.Write(Verbosity.Normal, LogLevel.Debug, $"Replacing {filename} appSetting key={key} with value={newValue}");
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