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Last active December 1, 2021 22:28
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public class Order : BaseEntity, IAggregateRoot
private Order()
// required by EF
public Order(string buyerId, Address shipToAddress, List<OrderItem> items)
Guard.Against.NullOrEmpty(buyerId, nameof(buyerId));
Guard.Against.Null(shipToAddress, nameof(shipToAddress));
Guard.Against.Null(items, nameof(items));
BuyerId = buyerId;
ShipToAddress = shipToAddress;
_orderItems = items;
public string BuyerId { get; private set; }
public DateTimeOffset OrderDate { get; private set; } = DateTimeOffset.Now;
public Address ShipToAddress { get; private set; }
// DDD Patterns comment
// Using a private collection field, better for DDD Aggregate's encapsulation
// so OrderItems cannot be added from "outside the AggregateRoot" directly to the collection,
// but only through the method Order.AddOrderItem() which includes behavior.
private readonly List<OrderItem> _orderItems = new List<OrderItem>();
// Using List<>.AsReadOnly()
// This will create a read only wrapper around the private list so is protected against "external updates".
// It's much cheaper than .ToList() because it will not have to copy all items in a new collection. (Just one heap alloc for the wrapper instance)
public IReadOnlyCollection<OrderItem> OrderItems => _orderItems.AsReadOnly();
public decimal Total()
var total = 0m;
foreach (var item in _orderItems)
total += item.UnitPrice * item.Units;
return total;
public class OrderItem : BaseEntity
public CatalogItemOrdered ItemOrdered { get; private set; }
public decimal UnitPrice { get; private set; }
public int Units { get; private set; }
private OrderItem()
// required by EF
public OrderItem(CatalogItemOrdered itemOrdered, decimal unitPrice, int units)
ItemOrdered = itemOrdered;
UnitPrice = unitPrice;
Units = units;
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