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Created March 16, 2022 21:19
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public class ArriveHandler : IRequestHandler<Arrive>
private readonly ShipmentDbContext _dbContext;
private readonly IBus _bus;
public ArriveHandler(ShipmentDbContext dbContext, IBus bus)
_dbContext = dbContext;
_bus = bus;
public async Task<Unit> Handle(Arrive request, CancellationToken cancellationToken)
var allStops = await _dbContext.Stops.Where(x => x.ShipmentId == request.ShipmentId).ToArrayAsync();
var stop = allStops.SingleOrDefault(x => x.StopId == request.StopId);
if (stop == null)
throw new InvalidOperationException("Stop does not exist.");
if (stop.Status != StopStatus.InTransit)
throw new InvalidOperationException("Stop has already arrived.");
var previousStopsAreNotDeparted = allStops
.Where(x => x.Scheduled < stop.Scheduled)
.Any(x => x.Status != StopStatus.Departed);
if (previousStopsAreNotDeparted)
throw new InvalidOperationException("Previous stops have not departed.");
stop.Status = StopStatus.Arrived;
stop.Arrived = request.Arrived;
await _dbContext.SaveChangesAsync();
await _bus.Publish(new Arrived(stop.StopId, stop.Arrived));
return Unit.Value;
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