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Created March 23, 2022 21:25
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namespace Webhooks.API.Services;
public class WebhooksSender : IWebhooksSender
private readonly IHttpClientFactory _httpClientFactory;
private readonly ILogger _logger;
public WebhooksSender(IHttpClientFactory httpClientFactory, ILogger<WebhooksSender> logger)
_httpClientFactory = httpClientFactory;
_logger = logger;
public async Task SendAll(IEnumerable<WebhookSubscription> receivers, WebhookData data)
var client = _httpClientFactory.CreateClient();
var json = JsonSerializer.Serialize(data);
var tasks = receivers.Select(r => OnSendData(r, json, client));
await Task.WhenAll(tasks.ToArray());
private Task OnSendData(WebhookSubscription subs, string jsonData, HttpClient client)
var request = new HttpRequestMessage()
RequestUri = new Uri(subs.DestUrl, UriKind.Absolute),
Method = HttpMethod.Post,
Content = new StringContent(jsonData, Encoding.UTF8, "application/json")
if (!string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(subs.Token))
request.Headers.Add("X-eshop-whtoken", subs.Token);
_logger.LogDebug("Sending hook to {DestUrl} of type {Type}", subs.Type.ToString(), subs.Type.ToString());
return client.SendAsync(request);
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