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Created October 4, 2017 01:32
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internal class Program
private static void Main(string[] args)
var registry = new SubscriberRegistry();
registry.Register<GreetingCommand, GreetingCommandHandler>();
var tinyIoCContainer = new TinyIoCContainer();
tinyIoCContainer.Register<IHandleRequests<GreetingCommand>, GreetingCommandHandler>();
var commandStore =
new MySqlCommandStore(
new MySqlCommandStoreConfiguration("Server=localhost;Uid=root;Pwd=root;Database=BrighterTests",
var builder = CommandProcessorBuilder.With()
.Handlers(new HandlerConfiguration(
subscriberRegistry: registry,
handlerFactory: new TinyIocHandlerFactory(tinyIoCContainer)
.RequestContextFactory(new InMemoryRequestContextFactory());
var commandProcessor = builder.Build();
var greetingCommand = new GreetingCommand("Derek");
var retrievedCommand = commandStore.Get<GreetingCommand>(greetingCommand.Id);
Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Command retrieved from store: {0}", JsonConvert.SerializeObject(retrievedCommand)));
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