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public class AddToCartHandler : ICancellableAsyncRequestHandler<AddToCart, Unit>
private readonly IMediator _mediator;
private readonly MusicStoreContext _dbContext;
public AddToCartHandler(IMediator mediator, MusicStoreContext dbContext)
_mediator = mediator;
_dbContext = dbContext;
public async Task<Unit> Handle(AddToCart message, CancellationToken cancellationToken)
// Retrieve the album from the database
var addedAlbum = await _dbContext.Albums
.SingleAsync(album => album.AlbumId == message.AlbumId, cancellationToken);
// Add it to the shopping cart
var cart = Models.ShoppingCart.GetCart(_dbContext, message.CartId);
await cart.AddToCart(addedAlbum);
await _dbContext.SaveChangesAsync(cancellationToken);
_mediator.Publish(new AlbumAddedToCart(addedAlbum.AlbumId));
return Unit.Value;
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