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Created August 11, 2021 21:21
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2. Use Messaging Library

Date: 2021-07-13




With more nad more use of messaging and a message broker, we've noticed a set of patterns that have custom implementation across various services/boundaries. The Outbox Pattern, Idempotent Consumers, Claim Check, Retries, etc.

Should we implement these patterns ourselves or use a full-featured messaging library such as Brighter, MassTransit, or NServiceBu?


Use a 3rd party messaging library that implements the required patterns instead of implementing the patterns ourselves. Most libraries are opinionated and will give a consistent usage for various applied patterns


  • Changing transports will be less costly as the messaging library provides an abstraction over the underlying transport.
  • It will force a consistent way of using various patterns per the opinionated way the library requires it.
  • Keeping up with major version releases (breaking changes) cadence will require additional effort.
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