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RabbitMQ and Erlang releases

The RabbitMQ team has been looking at the performance differences between the latest RMQ releases. We acknowledge that since RabbitMQ 3.6.7, when the distributed management plugin was introduced, there can be a slight drop in performance in some use cases.

Regarding the Erlang version used with RabbitMQ, we could not find significant differences between packages compiled and ran on any Erlang version up to However, RabbitMQ packages compiled in Erlang R16 (as the 3.6.x packages distributed by our team) will have a lower performance running on Erlang 20.x.x. Packages built on Erlang 19.x.x and ran on Erlang 20.x.x showed no such difference.

Finally, the default RabbitMQ configuration on Erlang 20.x.x seems to obtain a slightly lower performance than on any previous Erlang release (~5%).

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