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@dcosson dcosson/gist:2698090
Created May 14, 2012

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Brubeck Websockets - testing them out based on implementation in commit=1e97a9ff196927523a506b6423a1a34d0e6959c0
class TestHandler(WebMessageHandler):
""" Testing out sending data to arbitrary websockets
def get(self):
ws_message = "I like websockets"
to_user_id = self.get_argument('to_user_id')
if not to_user_id:
body = "enter arg ?to_user_id=X"
conn_ids = WSSession.get_active_conn_ids(to_user_id)
for conn_id in conn_ids:
send_message_through_ws(ws_message, conn_id, self.message.sender)
body = "sending a websocket frame to conn_ids ", conn_ids
return self.render()
### Websockets helper functions
def send_message_through_ws(msg, conn_id, sender_uuid):
""" send a message through a ws
m2conn = Mongrel2Connection(*IPC_SOCKET_TUPLE)
conn_id = recipient ## Need a session data lookup
#recipient_session =
ws_data = ws_string_to_data(msg)
m2conn.send(sender_uuid, conn_id, ws_data)
def ws_string_to_data(msg):
""" Build a websocket frame from a string of the message
ws_frame = Frame(opcode=OPCODE_TEXT,
ws_data =
return ws_data
### Simple WS Session model
class WSSession(Document, EtherealMongoMixin):
""" A Session that stores map between user id and potentially open
websocket connection ids (given from mongrel2)
user_id = IntField(required=True)
active_conn_ids = ListField(IntField())
last_updated = DateTimeField()
coll_name = "ws_session"
def update_session(cls, user_id, conn_id, safe=True):
# avoid duplicates by checking for them first
# (allows race conditions, but whatever)
if isinstance(user_id, basestring):
user_id = int(user_id)
sesh = cls.get_active_conn_ids(user_id)
if len(sesh) > 0 and sesh[-1] == conn_id:
cls.mdbc().update({'user_id': user_id},
{'$push': {'active_conn_ids': [conn_id]}},
upsert=True, safe=safe)
# update dt
return cls.mdbc().update({'user_id': user_id},
{'$set': {'last_updated':}},
def get_active_conn_ids(cls, user_id):
if isinstance(user_id, basestring):
user_id = int(user_id)
sesh = cls.mdbc().find_one({'user_id': user_id}) or {}
return sesh.get('active_conn_ids', [])
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