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# Uses github's hub command line tool and r10kdiff gem to open a pull request
# for a repository containing a Puppetfile used by r10k.
# Assumes it should be from the current branch <Puppet Environment Name> in a
# fork to the same branch upstream (since you can't use feature branches in the
# same repository with r10k as it might deploy them as environments)

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dcosson /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Flask Hello
# Simple http server to test concurrency or load balancing or whatever,
# specifying numprocs greater than 1 will run that many instances of the
# flask app in subprocesses on incrementing ports beginning with the one specified
# Run:
# sudo pip install flask
# python [PORT-NUM] [NUMPROCS]
from flask import Flask
import os
import signal
dcosson / gist:27bcca9b9ad28a38ab60
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Rename an ios project
View gist:27bcca9b9ad28a38ab60

I was renaming a project from GrowthKit to Mave, and updating the prefix.

This got me 95% of the way there, there were a few things to clean up manually (not really sure why because the things I fixed manually matched these rules). Luckily the previous project name wasn't "View" or something that would conflict with any builtin types or setting names

rm -rf Pods
brew install rename 
shopt -s globstar     # requires bash 4.0+, makes ** recursive

rename s/GrowthKit/Mave/ **
dcosson / gist:2defd0bd596f00e14f60
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Add an extra share button to mave
View gist:2defd0bd596f00e14f60
MaveSDK *mave = [MaveSDK sharedInstance];
[mave presentInvitePageModallyWithBlock:^(UIViewController *inviteController) {
if ([inviteController isKindOfClass:[UINavigationController class]]) {
UINavigationController *navController = (UINavigationController *)inviteController;
// Here replace the method "foo" with your method to present a share sheet
// And you can of course use a button with an image instead of the title "Share"
UIBarButtonItem *shareButton = [[UIBarButtonItem alloc] initWithTitle:@"Share"
target:self action:@selector(foo)];
dcosson /
Created Mar 3, 2012
A post-merge script to go with the
#!/usr/bin/env python
""" Converts all the .xml files back to .als (i.e. gzips them)
import os
import sys
import subprocess
import gzip
dcosson / gist:2698090
Created May 14, 2012
Brubeck Websockets - testing them out based on implementation in commit=1e97a9ff196927523a506b6423a1a34d0e6959c0
View gist:2698090
class TestHandler(WebMessageHandler):
""" Testing out sending data to arbitrary websockets
def get(self):
ws_message = "I like websockets"
to_user_id = self.get_argument('to_user_id')
if not to_user_id:
body = "enter arg ?to_user_id=X"
conn_ids = WSSession.get_active_conn_ids(to_user_id)
dcosson / gist:2918201
Created Jun 12, 2012
Archive a website (in this case,
View gist:2918201
# Just a note to myself on how to archive a website
mkdir tourbie_archive
cd tourbie_archive
wget --mirror -p -nH -e robots=off --convert-links
# --mirror mirrors the site (recurses all links)
# -p downloads all the links necessary to view the site
# --convert-links converts all links starting with to be relative
# -e robots=off optional, ignore robots.txt (on, I had disallowed the static files directory in robots.txt)
dcosson / gist:3321717
Created Aug 11, 2012
kill zombie procs
View gist:3321717
# a quick shell command to kill all procs matching a grep pattern
for i in `ps aux | grep ' runserver' | grep -v grep | awk '{ printf "%s ", $2 }'` ; do sudo kill $i ; done
dcosson / gist:3430463
Created Aug 22, 2012
Phone number regex in js
View gist:3430463
// allows:
// 1235554567
// (123) 555-4567
// 123.555.4567
// 123-555-4567
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