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Re-enable right-click & add Download links to thumbnail pages on PhotoReflect pages.
Copy the single line of code below, then add it as a new bookmark to your web browser of choice:
Then browse to the thumbnails of the album, click on that bookmark, and...enjoy!
document.oncontextmenu=document.body.oncontextmenu = new Function("return true");
var id = $(this).closest('a').attr('href').match(new RegExp("i=(.+?)&", "i")).shift();
$(this).closest('td').append('<a href="/web/bin/prpv.dll?cmd=photo&s=-2&'+id+'p=" class="dl">&darr; Download</a>');

fzakaria commented Dec 9, 2015

What about the high-res ones ?

I wrote a blog post about doing this
I'd love to find out how to do it for High Quality images though

doesn't work anymore, any work around?

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