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docker network create service-net
docker run -d --name elasticsearch --net service-net -p 9200:9200 -p 9300:9300 -e "discovery.type=single-node" elasticsearch:7.5.1
docker run -d --name kibana --net service-net -p 5601:5601 kibana:7.5.1
docker run -d --name mongo --net service-net -p 27017:27017 mongo
docker run -d --name mongo-express --net service-net -p 8081:8081 mongo-express
docker run -d --name postgres --net service-net -p 5432:5432 postgres
docker run -d --name adminer --net service-net -p 8080:8080 adminer
docker run -d --name redis --net service-net -p 6379:6379 redis
docker run -d --name firestore-emulator --net service-net -e "FIRESTORE_PROJECT_ID=project-test" -p 8282:8080 pathmotion/firestore-emulator-docker
docker run -d --name minio --net service-net 9000:9000 minio/minio server /data
pip3 install pipenv
#Installing Jupyter notebook in pipenv
pyenv install 3.6.6
mkdir -p ~/projects/jupyter
cd ~/projects/jupyter
pipenv --python ~/.pyenv/versions/3.6.6/bin/python
pipenv install tensorflow scikit-learn keras matplotlib pandas plotly jupyter statsmodels xgboost
npm install -g yarn
npm install -g pure-prompt
View vscode_settings.json
"code-runner.runInTerminal": true,
"workbench.iconTheme": "vscode-icons",
"workbench.colorTheme": "Cobalt2",
"editor.fontSize": 12,
"editor.formatOnSave": true,
"files.autoSaveDelay": 10000,
"files.autoSave": "afterDelay",
"python.pythonPath": "${workspaceFolder}/venv/bin/python",
"python.linting.enabled": true,
code --install-extension ecmel.vscode-html-css
code --install-extension felixfbecker.php-debug
code --install-extension felixfbecker.php-intellisense
code --install-extension formulahendry.code-runner
code --install-extension k--kato.intellij-idea-keybindings
code --install-extension mikestead.dotenv
code --install-extension mrmlnc.vscode-apache
code --install-extension ms-python.python
code --install-extension ms-vscode.Go
code --install-extension PeterJausovec.vscode-docker
View Brewfile
brew 'graphviz'
brew 'htop'
brew 'ctop'
brew 'wget'
brew 'go'
brew 'pyenv'
brew 'ngrok'
brew 'helm'
brew 'cdktf'
brew 'minikube'
View .bash_profile
alias brewup='brew update; brew upgrade; brew prune; brew cleanup; brew doctor'
export JREBEL_HOME=/Applications/jrebel
export LC_ALL=es_ES.UTF-8
export LANG=es_ES.UTF-8
alias ccat='pygmentize -g'
alias hosts='cat /etc/hosts'
alias mysshkey='pbcopy < ~/.ssh/'
alias jupyter='cd ~/projects/jupyter;pipenv run jupyter notebook'
ddelizia /
Last active Aug 6, 2018
Installing php on mac osx and homebrew
xcode-select --install
echo '****Installing Apache httpd'
brew install httpd
echo '****Installing Php 5.6 and 7.2'
brew install php@5.6
brew install php@7.2
echo '****Installing mariadb'
ddelizia / httpd.conf
Created Aug 5, 2018
My httpd configuration with php installed
View httpd.conf
# This is the main Apache HTTP server configuration file. It contains the
# configuration directives that give the server its instructions.
# See <URL:> for detailed information.
# In particular, see
# <URL:>
# for a discussion of each configuration directive.
# Do NOT simply read the instructions in here without understanding
# what they do. They're here only as hints or reminders. If you are unsure
View vcrudSign.js
'use strict';
angular.module('vcrudSign', ['vcrudSignService', 'vcrudSignDirective', 'angular-growl'])
.controller('registerFormCtrl', ['$scope', 'growl', function($scope, growl) {
$scope.submit = function() {
if (!$scope.registerForm.$valid){
growl.addErrorMessage('Error in form',{ttl: 5000});