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Created July 12, 2014 21:49
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Present the bookmark creation window in Spillo and populate it with the content from the frontmost tab in Safari
tell application "Safari"
set current_tab to current tab of front window
set tab_title to name of current_tab
set tab_address to URL of current_tab
tell application "Spillo"
show create bookmark panel with properties {url:tab_address, title:tab_title}
end tell
end tell
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Thanks for this example.

How i can get bookmark details (url, title, description, tagged) from spillo and paste these details as plain text in a document text??

I'm trying move all my bookmarks to buffer osx app. Seems that buffer sharing from spillo is not supported yet. If i would get these variables from spillo maybe i been able to copy to buffer app in some manner...


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