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deandob / livestream
Created Feb 26, 2014
Node.JS function to remux mp4/h.264 video from an IP camera to a HTML5 video tag using FFMPEG
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// Live video stream management for HTML5 video. Uses FFMPEG to connect to H.264 camera stream,
// Camera stream is remuxed to a MP4 stream for HTML5 video compatibility and segments are recorded for later playback
var liveStream = function (req, resp) { // handle each client request by instantiating a new FFMPEG instance
// For live streaming, create a fragmented MP4 file with empty moov (no seeking possible).
var reqUrl = url.parse(req.url, true)
var cameraName = typeof reqUrl.pathname === "string" ? reqUrl.pathname.substring(1) : undefined;
if (cameraName) {
try {
cameraName = decodeURIComponent(cameraName);
deandob / gist:8943268
Created Feb 11, 2014
Streaming MP4 to HTML5 clients
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--------------- FFMPEG command line
ffmpeg = child_process.spawn("ffmpeg", [
"-i", rtsp , "-vcodec", "copy", "-f", "mp4", "-f", "segment", "-segment_time", recSeg, "-segment_wrap", 2, "-map", "0", "-segment_format", "mp4", "-reset_timestamps", "1", "-y", "plugins/security/videos/" + camName + "/rec-%01d.mp4"
], {detached: false});
---------------- Node.JS streamer
// Stream mp4 video file based on URL request from client player. Accept request for partial streams
// Code attribution: (MIT license)
var recStream = function (req, resp) {
var stream;