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deanebarker / TableOfContents.js
Last active November 21, 2023 16:39
Web Component to embed a dynamic table of contents based on heading tags
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<table-of-contents title="Contents" source=".article" selector="h2,h3"></table-of-contents>
* "title" will be placed in a HEADER tag as the first child
* "source" default to the BODY tag
* "selector" defaults to "h2"
View RelativeDate.js
<relative-date datetime="1971-09-03" prefix="Posted" suffix="ago"/>
<relative-date>Posted 52 years ago</relative-date>
deanebarker / Nemmet.cs
Last active April 10, 2023 01:38
An implementation of Emmet in C# using Parlot
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Moved to a permanent repo here:
deanebarker / .Using the MultiSourceTemplateProvider
Last active January 10, 2023 15:27
An example of how to retrieve template files for Liquid/Fluid templating in Optimizely CMS
deanebarker / HideVisualViewUIDescriptor.cs
Created November 14, 2022 20:28
Code to hide preview and on-page edit views for content that has no visual component
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public class HideVisualViewUIDescriptor : UIDescriptor<[Page Type or interface>
public HideVisualViewUIDescriptor() : base()
DefaultView = CmsViewNames.AllPropertiesView;
EnableStickyView = false;
DisabledViews = new[] { CmsViewNames.PreviewView, CmsViewNames.OnPageEditView };
deanebarker / BookRankings.cs
Last active October 13, 2022 22:34
Code to process the NY Times Bestseller List
View BookRankings.cs
void Main()
// This code depends on the FlatFiles Nuget package:
// Download the dataset from here:
var pathToFile = @"[path to file]";
var mapper = DelimitedTypeMapper.Define<BookRanking>();
mapper.Property(c => c.Year).ColumnName("year");
mapper.Property(c => c.Week).ColumnName("week").InputFormat("yyyy-MM-dd");
deanebarker / ExtractTextFromWord.cs
Last active August 19, 2022 13:30
A quick and dirty way to extract text from Word document via C#
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// This is some rough/stub code for extracting raw text from a Word document
// A modern Word document (.docx) is just a zip file. Extract it.
// Find a file called word/document.xml. That contains the text of the document.
// Paragraphs are in "w:p" tags, and text is in "w:t".
// Iterate the "p" tags, then concatenate all the "t" tags inside them
void Main()
var doc = XDocument.Parse(File.ReadAllText(" [path to word/document.xml] "));
XNamespace nsW = "";
deanebarker / Startup.cs
Created May 3, 2022 21:47
The simplest webhook system for Optimizely Content Cloud
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public void Configuration(IAppBuilder app)
// This is the URL template to call
// The placeholders are optional -- they will be replaced with data specific to the content that is published
var webhookUrl = "{id}&type={type}&version={version}";
// Here is an example URL that would be called for this example:
var events = ServiceLocator.Current.GetInstance<IContentEvents>();
deanebarker / ExtractFragmentMiddleware.cs
Last active April 1, 2022 11:30
Replace the body of a response with HTML extracted from that same body
View ExtractFragmentMiddleware.cs
using AngleSharp.Html.Parser;
using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Http;
using System.IO;
using System.Linq;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
namespace DeaneBarker.Optimizely.Middleware
public class ExtractFragmentMiddleware
deanebarker / Editor.js
Last active February 16, 2022 14:16
The world's simplest code editor for Optimizely Content Cloud
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This is specifically designed to do as little as possible and have no dependencies.
1. It's styled sort of like a code editor (?)
2. Spellchecking is turned off (no red squiggly lines -- I hate those!)
3. The TAB key will insert 2 spaces, instead of moving focus
4. When you press enter, it will add leading spaces to match the leading spaces on the prior line
...and that's all it does.