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$List = @"
1 Partridge in a pear tree
2 Turtle Doves
3 French Hens
4 Calling Birds
5 Golden Rings
6 Geese a laying
7 Swans a swimming
8 Maids a milking
9 Ladies dancing
10 Lords a leaping
11 Pipers piping
12 Drummers drumming
# Challenge 1 - Split $list into a collection of entries, as you typed them, and sort the results by length. As a bonus, see if you can sort the length without the number.
$Gifts = $List -Split "`n"
Write-Output "Challenge 1 - Sorting collection of entries by length.`n"
$Gifts | Sort-Object -Property Length
Write-Output "`nChallenge 1 (Bonus) - Sorting collection of entries by length without the number.`n"
$Gifts -Replace "[0-9]" | Sort-Object -Property Length
#Challenge 2 - Turn each line into a custom object with a properties for Count and Item.
$GiftObjects = ForEach ($Gift in $Gifts)
[PSCustomObject] @{
Count = $Gift -Replace '[a-zA-z]'
Item = $Gift -Replace '[0-9]'
} #PSCustomObject
} # ForEach
Write-Output "`nChallenge 2 - Create custom object for each line with count and item property."
# Challenge 3 - Using your custom objects, what is the total number of all bird-related items?
$Birds = "Partridge|Turtle Doves|French Hens|Calling Birds|Geese|Swans"
Write-Output ("`nChallenge 3 - The total number of bird related items: " + ($GiftObjects -match $Birds | Measure-Object -Property Count -Sum).Sum + "`n")
# Challenge 4 - What is the total count of all items?
Write-Output ("Challenge 4 - The total number of gift items received: " + (Invoke-Expression (($Gifts -Replace '[a-zA-Z]') -join "+")))
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