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Created January 20, 2022 00:59
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Bash enhanced extraction of common filetypes
## Extract function with progress bars where possible
# Syntax is:
# e [filename]
# Install "pv" and "funzip" packages for progress bars
function e() {
# Exit the function if the file is not found
if [[ ! -f "$1" ]]; then
printf "\n\e[31mERROR: Couldn't find file to extract.\e[0m\n"
return 1
local filename=$(basename $1)
local dir=$(pwd)
printf "Extract $filename into $dir\n\n"
local count=$(\ls | wc -l | awk '{print $1}')
if [[ $count -ne 0 ]]; then
printf "\e[33mWARNING: The current directory is not empty!\n\n"
printf "There are currently [$count] items in this directory.\e[0m\n\n"
printf "Would you like to proceed anyway? [y/N]\n"
read -sn 1 p
if [[ ! $p =~ [yY] ]]; then
printf "\nCancelled\n"
return 1
case "$1" in
*.7z) ext=".7z"; cmd="7z"; options="x"; usepv=0;;
*.tar.bz2) ext=".tar.bz2"; cmd="tar"; options="jxvf"; usepv=0;;
*.tbz2) ext=".tbz2"; cmd="tar"; options="jxvf"; usepv=0;;
*.tar.gz) ext=".tar.gz"; cmd="tar"; options="zxvf"; usepv=0;;
*.tgz) ext=".tgz"; cmd="tar"; options="zxvf"; usepv=0;;
*.tar) ext=".tar"; cmd="tar"; options="xvf"; usepv=0;;
*.rar) ext=".rar"; cmd="unrar"; options="x"; usepv=0;;
*.Z) ext=".Z"; cmd="uncompress"; options=""; usepv=0;;
*.bz2) ext=".bz2"; cmd="bunzip2"; options=""; usepv=1;;
*.gz) ext=".gz"; cmd="gunzip"; options=""; usepv=1;;
*.zip) ext=".zip"; cmd="unzip"; options=""; usepv=1;;
*) printf "\e[31mError: Cannot determine how to extract '$1'\e[0m\n" && return 1;;
printf "\e[32mExtracting $filename\e[0m\n"
# Check if extraction command is installed/executable
[[ -x "$(type -fP fzf)" ]] || printf "\e[31mError: $cmd is not installed\e[0m\n" && return 1
# Check if pv is enabled and installed
if [[ $usepv -eq 1 ]] && [[ -x "$(type -fP pv)" ]]; then
filesize=$(stat -c '%s' "$1")
# Handle special case for .zip since unzip command doesn't allow piping and funzip doesn't allow multiple files
if [[ $ext == ".zip" ]]; then
# If the .zip contains 1 file and if funzip and pv are installed we can show a progress bar
if [[ $(zipinfo -t "$1" | awk '{print $1}') -eq 1 ]] && [[ -x "$(type -fP funzip)" ]]; then
cat "$1" | pv -s $filesize -i 0.1 -D 0 | funzip > "$newfile"
unzip "$1"
# Use pv command to show progress bars
cat "$1" | pv -s $filesize -i 0.1 -D 0 | $cmd $options > $newfile
# Run command
$cmd $options "$1"
printf "\nDone\n\n"
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