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How to count number of Posts shared by Facebook Page.
"""This gist demonstrates how to automatically authenticate with Facebook's OAuth2
using fbconsole --- programmatically, without a browser --- and then count the number
of Posts, for example, on a Facebook Page.
import fbconsole
import datetime
import time
# set up fbconsole
fbconsole.APP_ID = "xxxx_your_app_id"
fbconsole.AUTH_SCOPE = ["read_stream",]
page_id = "xxxx_your_Page_id"
# use fbconsole's automatically_authenticate method
# to login to the server programmatically
# get all the Posts for last year
now =
last_year = now - datetime.timedelta(days=days)
opts = {
"since": str(int(time.mktime(last_year.timetuple()))),
result = fbconsole.get("/%s/posts" % page_id, opts)
print len(result["data"])
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