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I0205 14:57:12.894374 1 deployer.go:196] Deploying abecorn/batchservice-1 for the first time (replicas: 2)
2 I0205 14:57:12.978745 1 recreate.go:105] Scaling abecorn/batchservice-1 to 1 before performing acceptance check
3 I0205 14:57:15.008662 1 recreate.go:110] Performing acceptance check of abecorn/batchservice-1
4 I0205 14:57:15.008793 1 lifecycle.go:391] Waiting 120 seconds for pods owned by deployment "abecorn/batchservice-1" to become ready (checking every 1 seconds; 0 pods previously accepted)
5 F0205 14:59:15.009050 1 deployer.go:65] update acceptor rejected abecorn/batchservice-1: pods for deployment "abecorn/batchservice-1" took longer than 120 seconds to become ready
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