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Using Awesome

Using Awesome

  • Windows are "Tiled" by default, and you organise the tiles instead of click-dragging windows around.
  • Virtual Desktops are called Tags, there's 9 of them, and they're per-Screen.

Moving Between Windows

Win+J/K   		| Prev / Next Window (like Alt+tab)
Win+Ctrl+J/K	| Prev / Next Screen
Win+1-9   		| Change to Desktop

Rearranging Windows

Win+Space 		| Change Screen Layout Type
Win+O     		| Move window to Other Screen
Win+Ctrl+Space	| Toggle window Floating/Tiled
Win+Shift+J/K	| Move window to next position
Win+H/L			| Resize window


Win+Enter   	| New Terminal
Win+Shift+C 	| Close Window

Mousey Things

Win+Left-Click  | Move
Win+Right-Click | Resize
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