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Brief format


Comments on tone and style:

  • Never apologize in a design brief
  • keep it succinct
  • Do not talk about design features that do not have a direct correlation with a problem


Definition: A design report documents the solution to a unique problem.

Purpose: To communicate the solution to a problem.

Audience: Anyone who has to implement your design, understand your design, or reference your design to solve their own problem. Typically, this is the project client. While the client maybe familiar with the project, the report is still written as though the client is new to the project because that is the best way to tell the whole story.


Insight: Share your most relevant observation from your research.

Therefore: Explain the conclusion you’ve come to based on the insight.

Concept: Articulate the design concept by revealing your actual idea in a few sentences.

Execution: Communicate how the concept will conveyed in the project/design you’re creating.

Benefit: Reveal the reason why you’re executing the project in this way and how it will relay the perks to the consumer.

Message: State the takeaway for the consumer based on the project you’ve described.

Objective: Reiterate the goal that was outlined in the initial client brief or project assignment.

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