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debpaul / findingSpecimenPreparationInformation.txt
Last active Jul 11, 2019
query iDigBio for preparationType information
View findingSpecimenPreparationInformation.txt
Need: search of data where specimen "preparation" information exists.
returns hits where the strings _preparationType_ or _preparation_ are found in the dynamicProperties data
currently returns over 200 records
note with this query - you could also search for strings like "alcohol" or similar{"data.dwc:preparations":{"type":"exists"}}
returns over 53M records where the field dwc:preparations is present{"family":["cyprinidae","ictaluridae"],"data.dwc:preparations":{"type":"exists"}}
returns now limited by family, returning records that have dwc:preparations for specimens with
debpaul / IndianaSpecimensSearchByInstitution.txt
Last active Feb 27, 2019
Search state=Indiana, group by institution code
View IndianaSpecimensSearchByInstitution.txt["institutioncode"]&rq={"stateprovince":"indiana"}&count=5000
This search request returns all specimens in the ADBC iDigBio portal where the state is "Indiana" and uses the Institution Code
as the anchor for the search. Output is in JSON.