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[INFO] --- maven-dependency-plugin:3.1.1:tree (default-cli) @ delete ---
[INFO] com.vnera:delete:jar:0.001-SNAPSHOT
[INFO] +- com.vnera:programs:jar:0.001-SNAPSHOT:compile
[INFO] | +- commons-io:commons-io:jar:2.5:compile
[INFO] | +- com.googlecode.javaewah:JavaEWAH:jar:1.1.3:compile
[INFO] | +- com.vnera:storage-common:jar:0.001-SNAPSHOT:compile
[INFO] | | +- com.vnera:data-model:jar:0.001-SNAPSHOT:compile
[INFO] | | +- net.spy:spymemcached:jar:2.11.4:compile
[INFO] | | +- org.xerial.snappy:snappy-java:jar:
[INFO] | | \- com.vnera:config-cache-interfaces:jar:0.001-SNAPSHOT:compile
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## Download Gradle
To download visit Gradle Releases Page. Download the complete distribution which includes binaries, sources and offline documentation. For example you can download the latest release of Gradle, as of this update the version is
## Upacking Gradle and Configure Environment Variables
1. Open
2. Create a new directory `sudo mkdir /usr/local/gradle`.
3. Extract the downloaded Gradle distribution archive by executing `sudo unzip -d /usr/local/gradle`.
4. Edit .bash_profile in your home directory to add GRADLE_HOME variable with the following line `export GRADLE_HOME=/usr/local/gradle/gradle-4.0.2`
5. Also update the PATH variable to include `$GRADLE_HOME/bin`. If you don’t already have the PATH variable add the following line `export PATH=$GRADLE_HOME/bin:$PATH`
6. Run `source ~/.bash_profile` to executes the update version of .bash_profile. Or you can open a new to make this changes active.
debraj-manna / build.xml
Created Jun 17, 2019 — forked from kuc/build.xml
Download Maven dependencies using Ant
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<project name="lib" default="download-libs" xmlns:artifact="urn:maven-artifact-ant">
<property name="maven.ant.tasks.version" value="2.1.3"/>
<property name="maven.ant.tasks.jar" value="maven-ant-tasks-${maven.ant.tasks.version}.jar"/>
<property name="maven.ant.tasks.mirror"
<target name="download-libs" depends="-init-maven-task">
<artifact:dependencies pathId="dependencies.classpath">
<remoteRepository id="maven-central" url=""/>
debraj-manna / gist:d9a5f6c83e369ac6a3cd45358193ee23
Created Feb 22, 2019
Install protobuf 2.5 on Ubuntu 14.04
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sudo apt-get install build-essential
mkdir /tmp/protobuf_install
cd /tmp/protobuf_install
tar xzvf protobuf-2.5.0.tar.gz
cd protobuf-2.5.0
make check
sudo make install
debraj-manna / thrift0_9_3
Last active Aug 1, 2019
Installing thrift 0.9.3 on Ubuntu 14
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$ sudo apt-get install libboost-dev libboost-test-dev libboost-program-options-dev libboost-system-dev libboost-filesystem-dev libevent-dev automake libtool flex bison pkg-config g++ libssl-dev
$ cd /tmp
$ curl | tar zx
$ cd thrift-0.9.3/
$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install
$ thrift --help
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Building restapilayer 0.001-SNAPSHOT
--- maven-dependency-plugin:2.10:tree (default-cli) @ restapilayer ---
+- io.dropwizard:dropwizard-jackson:jar:1.2.4:compile
| +- io.dropwizard:dropwizard-util:jar:1.2.4:compile
| +- com.fasterxml.jackson.core:jackson-core:jar:2.9.4:compile
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root@logstash-indexer:/opt/logstash-2.3.4# bin/logstash -f conf/logstash_indexer.conf --debug
Reading config file {:config_file=>"/opt/logstash-2.3.4/conf/logstash_indexer.conf", :level=>:debug, :file=>"logstash/config/loader.rb", :line=>"69", :method=>"local_config"}
Plugin not defined in namespace, checking for plugin file {:type=>"input", :name=>"kafka", :path=>"logstash/inputs/kafka", :level=>:debug, :file=>"logstash/plugin.rb", :line=>"76", :method=>"lookup"}
Plugin not defined in namespace, checking for plugin file {:type=>"codec", :name=>"json", :path=>"logstash/codecs/json", :level=>:debug, :file=>"logstash/plugin.rb", :line=>"76", :method=>"lookup"}
config LogStash::Codecs::JSON/@charset = "UTF-8" {:level=>:debug, :file=>"logstash/config/mixin.rb", :line=>"153", :method=>"config_init"}
config LogStash::Inputs::Kafka/@zk_connect = "kafka:2181" {:level=>:debug, :file=>"logstash/config/mixin.rb", :line=>"153", :method=>"config_init"}
config LogStash::Inputs::Kafka/@group_id = "logstash" {:level=>:debug,
debraj-manna / pom.xml
Created Feb 29, 2016
pom.xml modified log4j-jsonevent-layout
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<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
<description>Log4j pattern layout that conforms to the logstash json_event format</description>
debraj-manna /
Created Nov 22, 2015
Reading Priotised Messages from RabbitMq priority queue
//Refer for the Sending message to RabbitMq code.
package helloWorld;
import com.rabbitmq.client.*;
import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.Map;
debraj-manna /
Last active Nov 22, 2015
Priority Queue in RabbitMq which sends message with priority and having type "HELLO"
package helloWorld;
import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.Map;
import com.rabbitmq.client.AMQP;
import com.rabbitmq.client.BasicProperties;
import com.rabbitmq.client.Channel;
import com.rabbitmq.client.Connection;
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