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Zendesk Ticket search based on search query like "" and with results including comments. Using the official Zendesk API v2 ruby gem:
require 'zendesk_api'
class Zendesk
attr_accessor :client
def initialize
@client = do |config|
# Mandatory:
config.url = "<- your-zendesk-url ->" # e.g.
# Basic / Token Authentication
config.username = ""
# Choose one of the following depending on your authentication choice
config.token = "your zendesk token"
config.password = "your zendesk password"
# OAuth Authentication
config.access_token = "your OAuth access token"
# Optional:
# Retry uses middleware to notify the user
# when hitting the rate limit, sleep automatically,
# then retry the request.
config.retry = true
# Logger prints to STDERR by default, to e.g. print to stdout:
require 'logger'
config.logger =
# Changes Faraday adapter
# config.adapter = :patron
# Merged with the default client options hash
# config.client_options = { :ssl => false }
# When getting the error 'hostname does not match the server certificate'
# use the API at
def find_tickets_including_comments(search_query) "type:ticket #{search_query}").map do |ticket|
ticket.to_h.slice(*%w[created_at subject]).merge(
'comments' => do |comment|
comment.to_h.slice(*%w[created_at via body])
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