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An example of using Jabber/XMPP communication with Python
import sleekxmpp
class Jabber(sleekxmpp.ClientXMPP):
def __init__(self, username, password, instance_name=None):
jid = "%s/%s" % (username, instance_name) if instance_name else username
super(Jabber, self).__init__(jid, password)
self.instance_name = instance_name
self.add_event_handler('session_start', self.start, threaded=False, disposable=True)
self.add_event_handler('message', self.receive, threaded=True, disposable=False)
if self.connect(('', '5222')):
print "Opened XMPP Connection"
raise Exception("Unable to connect to Google Jabber server")
def __del__(self):
def close(self):
print "Closing XMPP Connection"
def start(self, event):
def send_msg(self, recipient, body):
message = self.Message()
message['to'] = recipient
message['type'] = 'chat'
message['body'] = body
print "Sending message: %s" % message
def receive(self, message):
if message['type'] in ('chat', 'normal'):
print "XMPP Message: %s" % message
from_account = "%s@%s" % (message['from'].user, message['from'].domain)
print "%s received message from %s" % (self.instance_name, from_account)
if self.instance_name in message['body'].lower():
print "Caught test message: %s" % message
message.reply("%s was listening!" % self.instance_name).send()
print "Uncaught command from %s: %s" % (from_account, message['body'])

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faris94 Dec 13, 2016

how to run it in python?

faris94 commented Dec 13, 2016

how to run it in python?

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