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Plugin: WP Single Post Navigation -- Customize parameters for "next post link" -- add this to functions.php of your theme or child theme
add_filter( 'wpspn_next_post_link', 'custom_wpspn_next_link' );
* WP Single Post Navigation: Add custom filters for "next post link"
function custom_wpspn_next_link() {
$args = array (
'format' => '%link', // Change link format
'link' => '&laquo;', // Change link string
'in_same_cat' => FALSE, // Apply only to same category (default: FALSE)
'excluded_categories' => '' // Exclude categories (default: empty)
next_post_link( $args['format'], $args['link'], $args['in_same_cat'], $args['excluded_categories'] );
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