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WP Single Post Navigation -- constants and filters for customizing and branding
// since plugin version v1.5:
// Constants:
* WP Single Post Navigation: Reverse link direction
// Filters:
* Customize previous post link:
* @link
* Customize next post link:
* @link
add_filter( 'wpspn_filter_previous_post_tooltip', 'custom_wpspn_previous_post_tooltip_output' );
/** WP Single Post Navigation: Custom Previous Tooltip Output */
function custom_wpspn_previous_post_tooltip_output() {
return __( 'Custom previous post:', 'your-text-domain' );
add_filter( 'wpspn_filter_next_post_tooltip', 'custom_wpspn_next_post_tooltip_output' );
/** WP Single Post Navigation: Custom Next Tooltip Output */
function custom_wpspn_next_post_tooltip_output() {
return __( 'Custom next post:', 'your-text-domain' );

deckerweb commented Jun 20, 2012

Note: The above codes work with plugin version 1.5 or higher!

Extended explanation can be found at the plugin's page "FAQ" section at the bottom:

Download "WP Single Post Navigation" plugin at

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