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Smallest x-browser DOM Ready, ever
function r(f){/in/(document.readyState)?setTimeout(r,9,f):f()}

Doesn't seem to work: (it acts as window.onload)

dperini commented Mar 9, 2011

"window.onload" works on any browser in the planet, this can only emulate "onload" in some browsers and fail with the rest.

It absolutely does not emulate a DOM Ready in any browsers. As an "onload" event alternative is not very performant and:

window.onload = f;

is also much shorter.

@diego - Right, that's what I'm saying, cause the title is "DOM Ready" but this code fails to do that.


ded commented Mar 9, 2011

yeah. i'm rethinking how this is gonna work now. be back with another implementation

dperini commented Mar 9, 2011

I have recently removed all the UA sniffing I was using in older versions and moved my stable cross-browser solution to GitHub here:

maybe you can have a look at it and compare the outcome. Currently only IFRAMEs do not participate in the optimization. Suggestions are welcome !

Seems to work as described in Safari 5.0.5

kajex commented Feb 29, 2012

Very nice script to my small library.
What is the license?


ded commented Feb 29, 2012

use this: - it's stable with a license too

sp42 commented Apr 24, 2013

I can not run this function with /in/.test....

niechen commented Feb 27, 2015

this check will fail if the document stays in "interactive" stage. use /in[^t]/ instead of /in/.

You have a syntax error on /in/(... must be /in/.test(... And the regex expression will return true in 'interactive ' it will only call f() when it's readyState is complete on some cases (file is on browser cache), not when it is loaded. So the best shot is:

function r(f){/(un|ing)/.test(document.readyState)?setTimeout(r,9,f):f()}

Thanks @mjschutz, your version works fine (at least on Chrome).

ajaxboy commented Aug 19, 2016

So far this is the most stable solution I have seen, I tried @dperini but does not appear to work if DOMContentLoaded is already called, by say, jQuery, then it won't work. This small piece of code in the other hand, even though I was concerned by the looping timer, seems to work fine, and doesn't seem to even show up in js profiler, so i think i am liking it. I also like the size.

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