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Smallest x-browser DOM Ready, ever

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function r(f){/in/(document.readyState)?setTimeout(r,9,f):f()}

Doesn't seem to work: (it acts as window.onload)

"window.onload" works on any browser in the planet, this can only emulate "onload" in some browsers and fail with the rest.

It absolutely does not emulate a DOM Ready in any browsers. As an "onload" event alternative is not very performant and:

window.onload = f;

is also much shorter.

@diego - Right, that's what I'm saying, cause the title is "DOM Ready" but this code fails to do that.

yeah. i'm rethinking how this is gonna work now. be back with another implementation

I have recently removed all the UA sniffing I was using in older versions and moved my stable cross-browser solution to GitHub here:

maybe you can have a look at it and compare the outcome. Currently only IFRAMEs do not participate in the optimization. Suggestions are welcome !

Seems to work as described in Safari 5.0.5

Very nice script to my small library.
What is the license?

use this: - it's stable with a license too

I can not run this function with /in/.test....

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