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Last active July 16, 2023 15:48
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This AWS Lambda function will scan for RDS instances with no connections for last 14 days using boto3 and stop them. -
"""RDS-Unused AWS Lambda Function
It will go through the REGION's RDS instances and check on CloudWatch for the unused
instances and will stop them.
import json
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
from multiprocessing import Process, Pipe
import boto3
REGION = 'us-west-1'
"""str: Region to scan
def lambda_handler(event, context):
"""Entry point for the Lambda function
:param event: Parameters sent to the function
:param context: Runtime information
:return: number of databases scanned
print("Event:" + str(event))
print("Context:" + str(event))
# Connecting to AWS and getting all the instances
client = boto3.client('rds', region_name=REGION)
paginator = client.get_paginator('describe_db_instances')
pages = paginator.paginate()
processes = []
parents = []
# Creating threads using process for each database instance
for db_instance in [db_instances
for page in pages
for db_instances in page['DBInstances']]:
create_process(db_instance['DBInstanceIdentifier'], processes, parents)
# Starting all the processes
for process in processes:
# Waiting for all the process to end
for process in processes:
# Counting the number of instances scanned
db_instances_scanned = sum(parent.recv()[0] for parent in parents)
print('Ununsed instance scan finished successfully. Scanned ' +
str(db_instances_scanned) + ' instances.')
return {
'scanned': json.dumps(db_instances_scanned)
def create_process(db_instance, processes, parent_connections):
"""Create a process and add to processes
:param db_instance: Instance object returned from boto3
:param processes: Process array with all the processes
:param parent_connections: Parent connections to collect results
parent_conn, child_conn = Pipe()
process = Process(
args=(db_instance, child_conn)
def check_for_unused(db_instance, conn):
"""Checking for instances with no connections and stop them.
:param db_instance: Database instance information returned fromm boto3
:param conn: child connection
client = boto3.client('cloudwatch', region_name=REGION)
end_date = datetime.utcnow()
start_date = end_date - timedelta(days=14)
# Getting DatabaseConnections metrics for the last 14 days
connection_statistics = client.get_metric_statistics(
'Name': 'DBInstanceIdentifier',
'Value': db_instance
total_connection_count = sum(data_point['Maximum']
for data_point in connection_statistics['Datapoints'])
if total_connection_count == 0:
rds_client = boto3.client('rds', region_name=REGION)
print(db_instance + " database was stopped.")
except rds_client.exceptions.InvalidDBInstanceStateFault:
print('Failed to stop ' + db_instance)
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