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Last active August 26, 2020 15:32
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import { component, State, handle, JoistElement, get } from '@joist/component';
import { template, html } from '@joist/component/lit-html';
tagName: 'my-counter',
state: 0,
render: template(({ state, run }) => {
return html`
<button @click=${run('dec_btn_clicked', -1)}>-</button>
<button @click=${run('inc_btn_clicked', 1)}>+</button>
class AppElement extends JoistElement {
private state!: State<number>;
updateCount(_: Event, n: number) {
this.state.setValue(this.state.value + n);
debug(e: Event, payload: unknown, action: string) {
console.log("TRIGGERING EVENT:", e.type);
console.log("payload:", payload);
console.log("action:", name);
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