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Last active April 12, 2021 12:16
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Returns the Count of Distinct Elements from an Sorted Array of Numbers,
public int uniqueCountOfElements(int[] nums)
if (nums == null) return 0;
int arrSize = nums.length;
if (arrSize == 0) return 0;
int finalCount = 1; // Count the first element by default
for(int count = 0; count < arrSize; count++)
if (count != arrSize - 1 && nums[count] != nums[count+1]) finalCount++;
return finalCount;
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Hello @deedee47, thank you for participating in Week 1 of Algorithm Fridays and congratulations, you are the winner of the $20 award 🎉🎉.

Your solution was selected because it is most memory-optimal and it is robust - takes care of edge cases, especially the edge case where the input array has a null value. You were also able to interpret the problem as returning the number of unique elements in an array thus avoiding unnecessary work in your code.

I have made a blog post here about the different solutions and about you as our winner.

We will contact you in less than 24 hours for your award.

Congratulations once again!

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Thank You @meekg33k for setting this up. Very well appreciated.

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