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Migration to convert from refinery 1.0.8 to refinery 2.0
class UpgradeToRefineryTwo < ActiveRecord::Migration
def self.up
# For refinerycms-authentication
rename_table :roles_users, :refinery_roles_users
rename_table :roles, :refinery_roles
rename_table :user_plugins, :refinery_user_plugins
rename_table :users, :refinery_users
remove_column :refinery_users, :persistence_token
remove_column :refinery_users, :perishable_token
remove_column :refinery_users, :remember_token
add_column :refinery_users, :reset_password_sent_at, :datetime
# For refinerycms-pages
rename_table :page_parts, :refinery_page_parts
rename_column :refinery_page_parts, :page_id, :refinery_page_id
rename_table :pages, :refinery_pages
add_column :refinery_pages, :slug, :string
add_column :refinery_pages, :view_template, :string
add_column :refinery_pages, :layout_template, :string
rename_column :refinery_pages, :position, :unused_position
# For refinerycms-images
rename_table :images, :refinery_images
# For refinerycms-resources
rename_table :resources, :refinery_resources
# For refinerycms-i18n
rename_table :page_translations, :refinery_page_translations
rename_column :refinery_page_translations, :page_id, :refinery_page_id
add_column :refinery_page_translations, :slug, :string
add_column :refinery_page_translations, :menu_title, :string
add_column :refinery_page_translations, :custom_slug, :string
remove_column :refinery_page_translations, :custom_title
rename_table :page_part_translations, :refinery_page_part_translations
rename_column :refinery_page_part_translations, :page_part_id, :refinery_page_part_id
def self.down
raise NotImplementedError
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