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Created January 15, 2018 20:52
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Override builtin cd to source closest virtual environment
# Source closest virtual environment, ``venv``, if exists in any parent
# directory.
cd () {
local venv_dir="venv" prevpwd="$PWD"
builtin cd "$@"
if [ "$prevpwd" != "$PWD" ]; then
local base_dir="$PWD"
# Always try to deactivate for nested virtual environments.
deactivate &>/dev/null
# Find the closest parent directory with ``venv``.
while [[ ! -d "$base_dir/$venv_dir" ]] && [[ "$base_dir" != '/' ]]; do
base_dir="$(dirname "$base_dir")"
# Source virtual environment if it exists.
if [[ -f "$base_dir/$venv_dir/bin/activate" ]]; then
source "$base_dir/$venv_dir/bin/activate"
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