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Last active Mar 22, 2020

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from photons_app.actions import an_action
from photons_control.script import Pipeline, Repeater
from photons_colour import Parser
from delfick_project.addons import addon_hook
import logging
log = logging.getLogger("cycle")
("lifx.photons", "colour"),
("lifx.photons", "transport"),
("lifx.photons", "messages"),
("lifx.photons", "device_finder"),
def __lifx__(collector, *args, **kwargs):
@an_action(needs_target=True, special_reference=True)
async def cycle(collector, target, reference, **kwargs):
Do a never ending loop cycling through colours
``cycle d073d5000001,d073d5000002``
or all devices on your network
or say all the devices in a particular group
``cycle match:group_name=kitchen``
Note that at the end of each cycle, we will do a discovery again
spread = 1
colours = [
"hue:200 saturation:0.5",
color_msgs = [
overrides={"res_required": False, "duration": spread, "brightness": None},
for colour in colours
pipeline = Pipeline(*color_msgs, spread=spread, synchronized=True)
repeater = Repeater(pipeline, min_loop_time=len(colours) * spread)
def error_catcher(e):
await target.script(repeater).run_with_all(
reference, error_catcher=error_catcher, message_timeout=spread
if __name__ == "__main__":
from photons_app.executor import main
import sys
main(["lan:cycle"] + sys.argv[1:])
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