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(ns fishing.core
(:use [postal.core]))
(def teachers
(def mailing-list
(for [year (range 12 14)
number (map #(str (apply str (repeat (- 3 (count (str %))) \0)) %) (range 1 109))
alphabet [\h \d \a \g \b \f \k \c \j]]
(str year "T5" number alphabet ""))))
(defn -main [& args]
(loop [mail-address mailing-list]
(when-not (empty? mail-address)
(println (first mail-address))
(send-message {:host ""
:user "icanspamfish"
:pass "見せられないよ!"
:ssl :yes!!!11}
{:from ""
:to (first mail-address)
:subject "【重要】スパムメールです"
:body [{:type "text/plain"
:content ""}
{:type :inline
:content ( "/home/delihiros/spam.jpg")
:content-type "image/jpeg"}]})
(Thread/sleep 5000))
(recur (rest mail-address)))))
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