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Josip Delic delijati

  • Potsdam (Berlin)
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delijati /
Last active Sep 14, 2020 — forked from mauler/
Renders log entry level in uppercase when using structlog library
import structlog
def _add_log_level_upper(logger, method_name, event_dict):
event_dict["level"] = method_name.upper()[0]
return event_dict
level_styles =
new_styles = {}
delijati / ec2-fingerprint-key
Created May 29, 2020 — forked from jtriley/ec2-fingerprint-key
Simple Python script that computes both public and private RSA key fingerprints as used by Amazon EC2
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#!/usr/bin/env python
import hashlib
import optparse
import paramiko
from Crypto.PublicKey import RSA
def insert_char_every_n_chars(string, char='\n', every=64):
return char.join(
from troposphere import \
AWSHelperFn, Base64, Cidr, Condition, Equals, GetAtt, Join, Not, Output, Parameter, Ref, \
Region, Select, Split, StackName, Sub, Tags, Template
from troposphere.autoscaling import \
AutoScalingGroup, LaunchTemplateSpecification, LifecycleHookSpecification
from troposphere.awslambda import \
Code, Function, Permission
from troposphere.ec2 import \
CreditSpecification, IamInstanceProfile, InternetGateway, LaunchTemplate, LaunchTemplateData, \
Route, RouteTable, SecurityGroup, SecurityGroupRule, Subnet, SubnetRouteTableAssociation, VPC, \
delijati /
Created May 14, 2020 — forked from gcchaan/
troposphere runner
set -ef -o pipefail
function message(){
echo 🍣 "$1"
function help(){
"AWSEBDockerrunVersion": "1",
"Authentication": {
"Bucket": "bucket_name",
"Key": "docker/dockercfg"
"Image": {
"Name": "company/<image>"
"Ports": [
delijati /
Last active Apr 17, 2019
dump all models when load sqlalchemy
import os
import json
import hashlib
import datetime
from database import db
from sqlalchemy import event
def literal_sql(context):
delijati / orm_example.js
Created Apr 5, 2019
Knex objection ORM
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'use strict';
// $ npm install knex objection sqlite3
const {Model} = require('objection');
const knex = require('knex')({
client: 'sqlite3',
connection: {
filename: './db.sqlite'
# air on higher value squares will try to flow to lower value squares
# a square can only hold a certain amount of air ( Depends on square value
# ). If square is full, air will not flow into it.
import sys
import pygame
import random
from noise import pnoise2
# python g2.2xlarge
import sys
import boto3
import datetime
def main(argv):
if len(argv) < 2:
print("No instance provided!")
set -x
mkdir $LOCAL_DIR
for row in $( yarn application -appStates ALL -list | awk '/application_/{print $1 "," $2}' )
fields=($(echo $row | tr "," "\n"))
yarn logs -applicationId ${fields[0]} > $LOCAL_DIR/yarn_${fields[0]}_${fields[1]}.log