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Work-around for bug in SourceForge blog RSS feeds. This code reads the SF feed, transforms it to fix the bug and emits the revised code as a fresh XML document. Fully described at
Fix for SF RSS feed bug:
Reads RSS source code from SourceForge and re-renders it, adding an
isPermaLink=false attribute to every <guid> tag.
class SFBlogFeedConverter {
private $feedURL; // URL of SourceForge RSS feed
private $rssDOM; // RSS DOM
public function __construct($feedURL) {
$this->rssDOM = new DOMDocument();
$this->feedURL = $feedURL;
public function RenderRSS() {
if ( !@$this->rssDOM->Load($this->feedURL)) {
$code = 500;
$desc = 'Internal Server Error';
header("HTTP/1.0 $code $desc");
header("Status: $code $desc");
header('Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8');
echo "<!DOCTYPE html>\n"
. "<html>\n"
. "<head>\n"
. "<meta charset=\"utf-8\">\n"
. "<title>$code $desc</title>\n"
. "</head>\n"
. "<body>\n"
. "<h1>$code $desc</h1>\n"
// Replace [PROJECT] below with the required project name
. "<p>Can''t open [PROJECT] blog feed on SourceForge</p>\n"
. "</body>\n"
. "</html>\n";
$guidNodes = $this->rssDOM->getElementsByTagName('guid');
foreach ($guidNodes as $guidNode) {
$guidNode->setAttribute('isPermaLink', 'false');
header('Content-Type: application/xml; charset=utf-8');
$xml = $this->rssDOM->saveXML();
header('Content-Length: ' . strlen($xml));
echo $xml;
$blogXML = new SFBlogFeedConverter(
// Replace [PROJECT] below with the required project name
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