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Weather Event Types from National Weather Service Instruction (NWSI) 10-1605
# This list is copied from table of contents.
# Some items might be irrelevant.
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7.1 Astronomical Low Tide
7.2 Avalanche
7.3 Blizzard
7.4 Coastal Flood.
7.5 Cold/Wind Chill
7.6 Debris Flow
7.7 Dense Fog
7.8 Dense Smoke
7.9 Drought
7.10 Dust Devil
7.11 Dust Storm
7.12 Excessive Heat.
7.12.1 Heat Index Table
7.13 Extreme Cold/Wind Chill
7.13.1 Wind Chill Table
7.14 Flash Flood
7.14.1 General Guidelines for the Determination of a Flash Flood
7.14.2 Suggested Specific Guidelines
7.14.3 Questions to ask observers, Emergency Managers, etc .
7.14.4 Low-impact Flooding vs. Threat to Life or Property
7.13.5 Examples of a Flash Flood that Evolved into a Flood
7.15 Flood
7.16 Freezing Fog
7.17 Frost/Freeze
7.18 Funnel Cloud.
7.19 Hail
7.19.1 Hail Conversion Table.
7.20 Heat
7.21 Heavy Rain
7.22 Heavy Snow.
7.23 High Surf
7.24 High Wind
7.25 Hurricane/Typhoon
7.25.1 Separating the Various Hurricane/Typhoon Hazards
7.25.2 Tables for Determining Saffir-Simpson Scale
7.26 Ice Storm
7.27 Lakeshore Flood
7.28 Lake-Effect Snow
7.29 Lightning
7.30 Marine Hail
7.31 Marine High Wind
7.32 Marine Strong Wind
7.33 Marine Thunderstorm Wind
7.34 Rip Current
7.35. Seiche
7.36 Sleet
7.37 Storm Tide
7.38 Strong Wind
7.39 Thunderstorm Wind.
7.39.1 Downbursts
7.39.2 Gustnadoes
7.39.3 Thunderstorm Wind Damage.
7.39.4 Table for Estimating Wind Speed from Damage.
7.39.5 Knots-Mile Per Hour Conversion Tables
7.39.6 Speed-Distance Conversion Table
7.40 Tornado
7.40.1 Tornado, Funnel Cloud, and Waterspout Events
7.40.2 Criteria for a Waterspout
7.40.3 Tornadoes Crossing CWFA Boundaries
7.40.4 Landspouts and Dust Devils
7.40.5 On-site Inspections (Surveys)
7.40.6 Determining Path Length and Width
7.40.7 Objective Criteria for Tornadoes
7.40.8 Single-Segment (Non Border-crossing) Tornado Entries
7.40.9 Determining F-Scale Values
7.40.10 Simultaneously Occurring Tornadoes
7.40.11 Segmented and Border-crossing Tornado Entries
7.40.12 Fujita Tornado Intensity Scale Table
7.41 Tropical Depression
7.42 Tropical Storm.
7.43 Tsunami
7.44 Volcanic Ash
7.45 Waterspout
7.45.1 Example of a Tornado That Became a Waterspout. .
7.45.2 Example of a Waterspout That Became a Tornado
7.46 Wildfire.
7.47 Winter Storm
7.48 Winter Weather
clean list
Astronomical Low Tide
Coastal Flood
Cold/Wind Chill
Debris Flow
Dense Fog
Dense Smoke
Dust Devil
Dust Storm
Excessive Heat
Extreme Cold/Wind Chill
Flash Flood
Freezing Fog
Funnel Cloud
Heavy Rain
Heavy Snow
High Surf
High Wind
Ice Storm
Lakeshore Flood
Lake-Effect Snow
Marine Hail
Marine High Wind
Marine Strong Wind
Marine Thunderstorm Wind
Rip Current
Storm Tide
Strong Wind
Thunderstorm Wind
Tropical Depression
Tropical Storm
Volcanic Ash
Winter Storm
Winter Weather

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