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Install specific version of a Homebrew formula
# Install specific version of a Homebrew formula
# Usage: formula_name desired_version
# Notes:
# - this will unshallow your brew repo copy. It might take some time the first time
# you call this script
# - it will uninstall (instead of unlink) all your other versions of the formula.
# Proper version management is out of scope of this script. Feel free to improve.
# - my "git log" uses less by default and when that happens it breaks the script
# Therefore we have the "--max-count=20" parameter. This might fail to find proper
# version if the one you wish to install is outside of this count.
# Author: Stanimir Karoserov ( )
if [ "$#" -ne 2 ]; then
echo " - installs specific version of a brew formula"
echo "syntax: formula_name desired_version"
echo "e.g.: swiftformat 0.39.1"
exit 1
git -C "$(brew --repo homebrew/core)" fetch --unshallow || echo "Homebrew repo already unshallowed"
commit=$(brew log --max-count=20 --oneline $1|grep $2| head -n1| cut -d ' ' -f1)
formula=$(brew log --max-count=20 --oneline $1|grep $2| head -n1| cut -d ':' -f1|cut -d ' ' -f2)
if [ -z ${commit} ] || [ -z ${formula} ]; then
echo "No version matching '$2' for '$1'"
exit 1
cd /usr/local/bin
if [[ -e $formula ]]; then
brew uninstall --force $1
brew install$commit/Formula/$formula.rb
echo "$1 $2 installed."

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@ox0spy ox0spy commented Mar 7, 2019

Thank you for sharing your script, it's useful!

commit=$(brew log --max-count=20 --oneline $1|grep $2| head -n1| cut -d ' ' -f1)

grep $2 will use regex, so grep 3.1 will match 3*1, e.g.: 301, 311, it will also match git commit, not just formula version.


  • using grep -F, -F, --fixed-strings, Interpret PATTERNS as fixed strings, not regular expressions.
  • grep -F " $2 "

the difference:

$ brew log --max-count=100 --oneline gradle | grep -F 3.1
6f91436288 gradle 4.3.1 (#20420)
7a6a40e0ac gradle 3.1 (#4982)
$ brew log --max-count=100 --oneline gradle | grep -F " 3.1 "
7a6a40e0ac gradle 3.1 (#4982)

I fork and updated it.


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@voiski voiski commented May 27, 2019

Nice to have it shared here, it gave me directions to my problem. Thank you @ox0spy for the grep tip.

I also want to mention this comment that helped me to figure out how to not uninstall the formula. My final solution will just upgrade the existing one.

I also made the max-lines an optional parameter together with the desired tap with default to homebrew core. Please check my fork =D


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@DKroot DKroot commented Aug 11, 2020

It worked. Thanks for sharing!

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