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# Author:
# License: simplified BSD (3 clause)
# Note: code is based on scipy.stats.pearsonr
from scipy import stats
def compute_corr(x, y):
x = np.asarray(x)
y = np.asarray(y)
mx = x.mean(axis=-1)
my = y.mean(axis=-1)
xm, ym = x - mx[..., None], y - my[..., None]
r_num = np.add.reduce(xm * ym, axis=-1)
r_den = np.sqrt(, axis=-1) *, axis=-1))
r = r_num / r_den
return r
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endrebak commented Nov 26, 2019

ss has been removed from scipy, but it just did this:

def ss(a, axis):
    return np.sum(a * a, axis=axis)

Thanks for the function btw :)

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