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Deployment script for Azure PostgreSQL
#These are the settings for deployment. The only thing you need to be sure you change is
#the resource group, as that will be the name you will use to destroy things later
USER=admin_$RANDOM #set this to whatever you like but it's not something that should be easy
PASS=$(uuidgen) #Again - whatever you like but keep it safe! Better to make it random
SERVERNAME=northwind-$RANDOM #this has to be unique across azure
#resource group
echo "Specify a Resource Group:"
read RG
echo "Guessing your external IP address from"
IP=$(curl -s
echo "Your IP is $IP"
#The sku-name parameter value follows the convention {pricing tier}_{compute generation}_{vCores} as in the examples below:
# --sku-name B_Gen4_2 maps to Basic, Gen 4, and 2 vCores.
# --sku-name GP_Gen5_32 maps to General Purpose, Gen 5, and 32 vCores.
# --sku-name MO_Gen5_2 maps to Memory Optimized, Gen 5, and 2 vCores.
SKU=B_Gen4_1 #this is the cheapest one
# Create a resource group if you need it.
az group create --location $LOCATION --name $RG
echo "Spinning up PostgreSQL $SERVERNAME in group $RG Admin is $USER"
# Create the PostgreSQL service
az postgres server create --resource-group $RG \
--name $SERVERNAME --location $LOCATION --admin-user $USER \
--admin-password $PASS --sku-name $SKU --version 10.0
# Open up the firewall so we can access
echo "Popping a hole in firewall for IP address $IP (that's you)"
az postgres server firewall-rule create --resource-group $RG \
--server $SERVERNAME --name AllowMyIP \
--start-ip-address $IP --end-ip-address $IP
echo "Your connection string is postgres://$USER@$SERVERNAME:$PASS@$"
echo "Creating the Northwind database..."
psql "postgres://$USER%40$SERVERNAME:$PASS@$" -c "CREATE DATABASE northwind;"
echo "Connecting... and loading up Northwind..."
psql "postgres://$USER%40$SERVERNAME:$PASS@$" -f northwind.sql
echo "....."
echo "You can now connect to the server by entering this command: "
echo "psql postgres://$USER%40$SERVERNAME:$PASS@$"
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