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Static Site Generators

A Static Site Generator is a program, that generates an HTML website as an output. ThisHTML website is then served through your web server, just like the old’n’days. This is usually achieved using template languages and code that separates out the layout of the website from its content and styles.

Advantages of a Static Site Generator?

  • Security – There’s no database layer, or rails/pylons layer of code so security excellent.
  • Performance – Under load, less memory / cpu usage to serve your website, so your website stays up longer
  • Have a copy of your content separate from your server
  • Easily move your website to another host – Copy and paste the HTML and re-route the domain name should you have one.
  • Easily choose website hosting – You don’t have to worry about which technology they use, because you only need to serve HTML. Website Hosting is cheaper.

Disadvantages of a Static Site Generator

  • You can’t update your website unless you’re at your computer where the static site generator software is installed
  • You can’t have local comments, pingbacks, non-google site wide search, contact us forms (without some dynamic code etc)

An Introduction to Static Site Generators

External Links

  • Hexo: A fast, simple & powerful blog framework, powered by Node.js.
  • Punch: Punch is a simple, intuitive web publishing framework that will delight both designers and developers built on Node.js.
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