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im'a dream catcher

Ahmad Aziz densityx

im'a dream catcher
  • Kuala Lumpur
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// window.resolveLocalFileURL(path, callback success, callback error)
// Tasks
1. retrieve the app's folder. create if it doesn't exist
2. retrieve the image file
3. move image to app folder
densityx / event-service-provider.php
Created Dec 24, 2018
Listening global events and performing action for it
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Event::listen(CommandStarting::class, function ($event) {
if ($event->command === 'migrate:fresh') {
densityx / users-db-seeder.php
Created Dec 24, 2018
Dispatch job in laravel seeder after model creation
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factory(User::class, 10)->create()->each(function ($user) {
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#User Model
... class User
public function videos() {
return $this->belongsTo('Watch\Video');
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