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Created April 21, 2015 12:57
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.vimrc [osx]
set autoindent " 자동으로 들여쓰기를 한다.
set cindent " C 프로그래밍을 할때 자동으로 들여쓰기를 한다.
set smartindent " 좀더 똑똑한 들여쓰기를 위한 옵션이다.
"set textwidth=79 " 만약 79번째 글자를 넘어가면
set wrap " 자동으로 를 삽입하여 다음 줄로 넘어간다.
set nowrapscan " 검색할 때 문서의 끝에서 다시 처음으로 돌아가지 않는다.
set nobackup " 백업 파일을 만들지 않는다.
set visualbell " 키를 잘못눌렀을 때 삑 소리를 내는 대신 번쩍이게 한다.
set ruler " 화면 우측 하단에 현재 커서의 위치(줄,칸)를 보여준다.
set shiftwidth=4 " 자동 들여쓰기를 할때 4칸 들여쓰도록 한다.
set tabstop=4 " Tab을 눌렀을 때 8칸 대신 4칸 이동하도록 한다.
au Bufenter *.\(js\|html\|css\) set et " js, html, css를 편집할때는 tab을 space로 변환한다.
set background=dark
set number
set csprg=/usr/bin/cscope
set csto=1 " ctag사용시 cscope 사용
set nocsverb " 에러출력 x
set lazyredraw
set hlsearch
set fencs=utf-8,euc-kr,cp949,cp932,euc-jp,shift-jis,big5,latin1,ucs-2le
"map <F12> :!make ap_web -C/home/bglee/code/hdr1000s/apps/make<CR>
map <F12> :!make ap_web -C/home/bglee/code/hms1000s/apps/make<CR>
map <F10> :!find . -name '*.swp' -exec rm -f {} \;<CR>
map <F11> :!make ap_browser -C/home/bglee/code/hdr1000s/apps/make<CR>
map <F3> $v%zf
"map <F4> :TagbarToggle<CR>
map <F4> :w<CR>:make<CR>:cc<CR>
"map <F4> :!egrep -rn <cword> * -exclude-dir=.svn<CR>
map <F6> :r!cat /home/bglee/bin/commit_template.txt<CR>ggdd/MODULE_NAME<CR>
"map <F6> ofprintf(stderr, "\x1b[0;%dm[ %-15s \| %-4d \| %d \| %-15s \| PID : %5d ] \x1b[0m\n", 36, __FUNCTION__, __LINE__, 2, __FILE__, getpid());<ESC>
map <F9> :BufExplorer<CR>
map <C-h> <ESC>I//<ESC><CR>
map <C-p> <ESC>I/*<ESC>A*/<ESC><CR>
map <C-\> :! %<CR>
"jQeury syntax
au BufRead,BufNewFile jquery.*.js set ft=javascript syntax=jquery
"" Special for Javascript
" TODO: - Add colors to the cterm
hi javaScriptBrowserObjects guifg=#DBB6D2 ctermfg=182 gui=italic
hi javaScriptDOMObjects guifg=#DBB6D2 gui=BOLD
hi javaScriptDOMMethods guifg=#D4FA9B ctermfg=192
hi link javaScriptDOMProperties Keyword
hi javaScriptAjaxObjects guifg=#5d91d3 gui=underline
hi javaScriptAjaxMethods guifg=#6699CC ctermfg=68
hi javaScriptAjaxProperties guifg=#FF9494 ctermfg=210
hi javaScriptFuncName guifg=#B5E4F7 ctermfg=153
hi javaScriptHtmlElemProperties guifg=#FF9494 ctermfg=210
hi javaScriptEventListenerKeyword guifg=#6699CC ctermfg=68
" TagList
let Tlist_Auto_Open=0
let Tlist_Enable_Fold_Column = 1
let Tlist_Use_Right_Window=1
let Tlist_Compact_Format=1
let Tlist_WinWidth=28
let Tlist_Exit_OnlyWindow=1
let Tlist_File_Fold_Auto_Close = 1
let winManagerWindowLayout='FileExploer|TagList'
let Tlist_Auto_Highlight_Tag=1
let Tlist_Compact_Format =1
let Tlist_Show_Menu=1
let Tlist_Sort_Type='name'
" NERDTree
map <F2> :NERDTreeToggle<CR>
let NERDTreeIgnore=['.o$']
let NERDTreeIgnore=['.h$']
" Source Explorer
nmap <F5> :SrcExplToggle<CR>
let g:SrcExpl_winHeight = 8
let g:SrcExpl_refreshTime = 100
let g:SrcExpl_jumpKey = "<ENTER>"
let g:SrcExpl_gobackKey = "<SPACE>"
let g:SrcExpl_pluginList = ["__Tag_List__",
let g:SrcExpl_searchLocalDef = 1
let g:SrcExpl_isUpdateTags = 0
" let g:SrcExpl_updateTagsCmd = "ctags --sort=foldcase -R ."
" let g:SrcExpl_updateTagsKey = "<F8>"
" cscope +
if filereadable("./cscope.out")
cs add cscope.out
" else
" cs add /home/oh7/lkp/kernel_source/linux-2.6.37/cscope.out
func! Css()
let css = expand("<cword>")
exe "cs find s ".css
nmap ,css :call Css()<cr>
func! Csc()
let csc = expand("<cword>")
exe "cs find c ".csc
nmap ,csc :call Csc()<cr>
func! Csd()
let csd = expand("<cword>")
exe "cs find d ".csd
nmap ,csd :call Csd()<cr>
func! Csg()
let csg = expand("<cword>")
exe "cs find g ".csg
nmap ,csg :call Csg()<cr>
func! Cst()
let cst = expand("<cword>")
exe "cs find t ".cst
nmap ,cst :call Cst()<cr>
" cscope -
" ctag +
if filereadable("./tags")
set tags=tags
set tags=/home/oh7/lkp/kernel_source/linux-2.6.37/tags
if version >= 500
func! Sts()
let st = expand("<cword>")
exe "sts ".st
nmap ,st :call Sts()<cr>
func! Tj()
let st = expand("<cword>")
exe "tj ".st
nmap ,tj :call Tj()<cr>
" ctag -
if &term =~ "xterm-debian" || &term =~ "xterm-xfree86"
set t_Co=16
set t_Sf=^[[3%dm
set t_Sb=^[[4%dm
set t_kb=^H
"문법 강조 기능을 사용한다.
if has("syntax")
syntax on " Default to no syntax highlightning
filetype plugin on
"man page
func! Man()
let sm = expand("<cword>")
exe "!man -S 2:3:4:5:6:7:8:9:tcl:n:l:p:o ".sm
nmap ,ma :call Man()<cr><cr>
map ,1 :b!1<cr>
map ,2 :b!2<cr>
map ,3 :b!3<cr>
map ,4 :b!4<cr>
map ,5 :b!5<cr>
map ,6 :b!6<cr>
map ,7 :b!7<cr>
map ,8 :b!8<cr>
map ,9 :b!9<cr>
map ,0 :b!0<cr>
map ,x :bn!<cr>
map ,z :bp!<cr>
map ,w :bw<cr>
execute pathogen#infect()
"NeoBundle Scripts-----------------------------
if has('vim_starting')
set nocompatible " Be iMproved
" Required:
set runtimepath+=/Users/deptno/.vim/bundle/neobundle.vim/
" Required:
call neobundle#begin(expand('/Users/deptno/.vim/bundle'))
" Let NeoBundle manage NeoBundle
" Required:
NeoBundleFetch 'Shougo/neobundle.vim'
" My Bundles here:
NeoBundle 'Shougo/neosnippet.vim'
NeoBundle 'Shougo/neosnippet-snippets'
NeoBundle 'tpope/vim-fugitive'
NeoBundle 'kien/ctrlp.vim'
NeoBundle 'flazz/vim-colorschemes'
NeoBundle 'Shougo/vimproc.vim', {
\ 'build' : {
\ 'windows' : 'tools\\update-dll-mingw',
\ 'cygwin' : 'make -f make_cygwin.mak',
\ 'mac' : 'make -f make_mac.mak',
\ 'linux' : 'make',
\ 'unix' : 'gmake',
\ }
\ }
NeoBundleLazy 'lambdalisue/vim-gista', {
\ 'depends': [
\ 'Shougo/unite.vim',
\ 'tyru/open-browser.vim',
\ ],
\ 'autoload': {
\ 'commands': ['Gista'],
\ 'mappings': '<Plug>(gista-',
\ 'unite_sources': 'gista',
" You can specify revision/branch/tag.
NeoBundle 'Shougo/vimshell', { 'rev' : '3787e5' }
" Required:
call neobundle#end()
" Required:
filetype plugin indent on
" If there are uninstalled bundles found on startup,
" this will conveniently prompt you to install them.
"End NeoBundle Scripts-------------------------
"typescript syntax
au BufRead,BufNewFile *.ts setf typescript
au BufRead,BufNewFile *.ts so ~/.vim/syntax/typescript.vim
"javascript syntax
au BufRead,BufNewFile *.js setf javascript
au BufRead,BufNewFile *.js so ~/.vim/syntax/javascript.vim
let g:gista#github_user = 'deptno'
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