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[*src/InOut> double_it
io_bind (io_bind prim_read
(\x =>
io_pure (prim__strRev (with block in Prelude.Interactive.getLine', trimNL (MkFFI C_Types String String)
(prim__strRev x)
(with block in Prelude.Strings.strM (prim__strRev x)
(Decidable.Equality.Bool implementation of Decidable.Equality.DecEq, method decEq (not (intToBool (prim__eqString (prim__strRev x)
(\input =>
io_bind (prim_write (prim__concat (prim__toStrInt (prim__mulInt (prim__fromStrInt input) 2)) "\n"))
(\__bindx => io_pure ())) : IO ()
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