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struct batch_options
bool m_with_minimum;
bool m_with_average;
bool m_with_variations;
double m_limit;
std::function<bool (stock_update const&)> m_filter;
struct batch_result
double m_minimum;
double m_average;
int m_variation_count;
batch_result terrible_design(std::vector<std::string> const& source, batch_options const& options)
batch_result result;
result.m_minimum = std::numeric_limits<double>::max();
result.m_average = 0.0;
result.m_variation_count = 0;
int count = 0;
double init_value = 0.0;
for (auto& msg: source)
stock_update s = parse_message(msg);
if (!options.m_filter(s))
if (count == 0)
init_value = s.m_value;
if (options.m_with_minimum)
result.m_minimum = std::min(result.m_minimum, s.m_value);
if (options.m_with_average)
result.m_average += s.m_value;
if (options.m_with_variations)
if (abs(s.m_value - init_value) > options.m_limit)
if (count)
result.m_average /= count;
return result;
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