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Last active January 29, 2017 14:31
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template<typename Tag>
std::set<id> join_sets(op<Tag, std::set<id>> const& op)
std::set<id> out;
for (auto r: op.rands())
out.insert(r.begin(), r.end());
return out;
std::set<id> dependencies_alg(expression_r<std::set<id>> const& e)
if (auto* o = get_as_add(e)) return join_sets(*o);
if (auto* o = get_as_mul(e)) return join_sets(*o);
if (auto* v = get_as_var(e)) return {*v};
return {};
std::set<id> dependencies(expression const& e)
return cata<std::set<id>>(dependencies_alg, e);
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